Royal Salt Limited (RSL) first plant was first commissioned in Lagos in 1994 for the production of edible food grade iodized salt. The company has always focused on producing quality product to improve and support the health of its consumers. With its secondary production facility in Port Harcourt, commissioned in 2001, RSL is able to effectively cater to the nation cost effectively. Employing a workforce of over 1,000 people, and utilising modern technology and professional manpower it has achieved significant brand strength. RSL Is proud to have been consistently commended by Unicef as the major contributor and driving force in implementing universal salt iodisation to Nigeria, the first African country to achieve this goal, having huge health benefit for the Nigerian population.
"Enrich lives through essential and quality products, produced by deploying cutting-edge technology, professional manpower and best cost base, which boost every stakeholder expectations".
"To develop and deliver the most popular brands in Africa and to maintain the number one position in its industries".